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Premium Quality Seasoned Hardwood Logs


All our firewood is sourced from Norbury Park’s 700 acres of award-winning, sustainable woodland. Where more than 380,000 new trees have been planted in the last 10 years, creating over 375 acres of new woodland.


Firewood Specifications

The logs are felled, processed, air dried and stored on the estate, to produce high-quality firewood.


·       Supplied in loads of 2 cubic metres

·       Competitively Priced - £160 for 2 cubic metres

·       Delivery Included if within 8 miles of Norbury Park Estate

·       100% Hardwood

·       Seasoned (<20% or less moisture content)

·       Sustainable

·       Minimal Carbon Footprint

·       Locally Grown & Harvested


Order & Contact Information 

To place your order,  please call us on 01785 284718 or email

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